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[4K] Karachi (Pakistan) in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Welcome, Microsoft/Xbox provided a copy of ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ to me for review. This is the release version, on launch on August 18th, 2020.
Pc specs are I9 9900K 64 GB RAM RTX 2080. Settings High at 4K, recorded and uploaded this video at 4K.
Flight Controls are the Virtual Fly: Yoko+, V3rnio+ and Ruddo+.
In this video I show you Karachi in Pakistan. First landing in A320 in this sim, not fine, I know.

Sobre Tuckie

Piloto acrobático, videoblogger de aviación, piloto virtual, videospotter y gran entusiasta aeronáutico.

44 comentarios

  1. Thank you! Appreciate it. From Karachi!

  2. Please do the same video for Lahore. Will appreciate that!

  3. Thank you very much sir!

  4. Please make a video for Bahawalpur Pakistan


    Go to bahawalpur please

  6. absolutely stunning beauty of metropolitan city of Pakistan
    At once I forgetits a simulation

    Please tell my your system specifications, amount required to preprare and how to purchase DVD pack of it. Thanks

  7. national stadium @16:45

  8. pls visit Lahore and Islamabad thanks!

  9. Go to pindi

  10. is this same like p3d where you can add scenery/objects/airports? Or is it all preinstalled into this sim?

  11. OP Game Yaar Meray Ghar Jao Please

  12. I saw my house near National stadium

  13. Very impressive. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Syed Sadam Rashdi

    Very sadly Jinnah intl airport building is not the same.

  15. 3:06 on left there is a PAF museum 👍

  16. The Huzaifa Official

    Lol what’s united airlines doing in Karachi

  17. Dude I have core i5 and 8gb ram ,can I run this on low specs atleast

  18. Hit like if you searched for pakistan in this game

  19. Sir kia ap mera ghar dekha sakte ho in live stream

  20. My house in karachi

  21. Mobile pi ye game chalta hai

  22. Its 27 min long video. Where national stadium

  23. Long live Islamic republic of Pakistan

  24. Wow, my city! Thanks so much!

  25. can u do islamabad the second most beautiful capital city in the world in pakistan its my home city

  26. As a monster of snack video 😁😁😁

  27. Muhammad Sufyan

    Bro games name pleas ya andriod ka liya haa kiya..???😕😕

  28. My city ❤️

  29. Is this default scenery?

  30. 16:49 red car passes through white car

  31. Very nice. will start from Karachi too soon 👍

  32. Even if its 2020 but the Aerial Map shown here is from 2014 because at 14:50 there are sky scrappers now.
    And even no where seen barhia Icon Tower

  33. 👍❤️😀😀😀

  34. mrcrazyenough007

    15:15 Kati Pahari aur Katy Perry

  35. Amazing my city myhouse is next to runway

  36. bro can i fly with you? in multiplayer? i play this game in 8k

  37. I live in Karachi. Thank you for uploading.. subscribed

  38. ꧁༺J꙰O꙰K꙰E꙰R꙰༻꧂ gamez

    This game is amazing I always play it

  39. 14:55 It’s Sakhi Hassan Graveyard and I could even see my house behind it at Buffer Zone, North Karachi 👍

  40. example on tech tips with maaz



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