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New York Microsoft Flight Simulator

New York Microsoft Flight Simulator

Preview: Scenic flight

Want to see an extreme landing? Watch this one I made on top of a building in New York in Microsoft Flight Simulator: https://youtu.be/Q-HWbEwnxNA

Welcome, this is a flight test in Microsoft Flight Simulator, with the Beta Preview 1.16.13 for press. Pc specs are I9 9900K 64 GB RAM RTX 2080. Settings high at 4K, recorded at 1080 with Windows Game Bar.
In this video I show you New York city flying wildly downtown between buildings.
It’s a show off of the New York, and a flight to enjoy in the simulator. In reality we don’t fly like this, of course.

Sobre Tuckie

Piloto acrobático, videoblogger de aviación, piloto virtual, videospotter y gran entusiasta aeronáutico.

100 comentarios

  1. this is missing like 5 buildings 432 park 111 west 57 the goes on

  2. can you fly upon the Bermuda triangle

  3. What aircraft and settings are you using to not break up and cause failure, mid-flight???

  4. No yellow cabs?!? DISSAPOINTED!!
    For real though, amazing footage.

  5. Ебать

  6. Wow, that is so amazing. It looks so real!! And if the weather is real, I wonder if NYC in this game will get snow during winter.

  7. I just figured out that it was a game lol

  8. *…and i have a hard time flying through the open city of Los Santos*

  9. Looks like a jungle

  10. This is literally unbelievable. You can explore the entire area of Manhattan street by street.

  11. I See my house!

  12. 2:12 plot twist: the building infront of him is the building from dont be racist I’m a building

  13. Сергей Лог


  14. Руслан Улабин

    For VR version would be nice in 8k on Pimax

  15. Should run these in third person so people can see shit.

  16. I see they are having a sell on cupcakes at Central Perk.

  17. Depressing. Just buildings upon buildings….

  18. The sounds.

  19. You’re an asshole with the thumbnail.

  20. me after taking a laser from fort zancudo

  21. Ambivalent Zoey

    What.. no elder scroll???

  22. Galo Grattone Dapur

    the only I can say is… AMAZING

  23. Kamran Mammadli

    obviously this person has superior flight skills on this game 0.0

  24. For People who say it has a bad texture…
    Come on..
    You have the entire Earth..
    they could do (AI upscaling) to those texs easily …
    but you would need
    TBs to download it.

  25. Too frenetic!

  26. I thought it was real… then I saw no traffic

  27. Нью-Йору-Нью-Йорк!!!
    Твои Просторы волнуют Сердце Мне-Всегда!!!
    Твои Еноты и Причуды Непогоды…
    СтатУй Свободы…ЭТО-ДА!!!!!!!

  28. Juan Camilo Avendaño Sánchez

    A plane flying through manhattan, what could go wrong? …..wait

  29. Doing Sit-Ups Everyday for a Year

    Next we need:
    -VR Compatibility
    -Real people walking around or at least generations of real people

  30. I wish the buildings looked better up close and didn’t visibly load as you approached or looked super jagged in the distance, but i guess that’s asking a lot at this point.

  31. Dude, why are you using real footage and pretending that it’s Flight Sim?

  32. Brilliant. Well done. Don’t think they’d let you got so near to the WTC in real life though!

  33. Google Earth: Nop
    Flight Simulator: YES

  34. FS2020 looks very realistic because of the light! 
    The Sunlight is just impressive and gives a whole new perception of Virtual Reality!

  35. Is this on xbox gamepass?

  36. Oh, the city of Spiderman.

  37. Microsoft flight sim really makes you FEEL Like spiderman

  38. GTA IV remastered looks so lit

  39. Who developped this game ???

  40. now play this in vr

  41. Try this in London 👍

  42. Great flying!
    I’m sitting here watching your video while waiting for my copy to finish downloading.

  43. the camera zoome effect makes it look so realistic

  44. what specs are you running?

  45. MotherFuckerJones

    Forget the Brooklyn heli-tours! Stunt planes are the new way!

  46. I went to NYC once in real life but it was walking.

  47. That’d be hell of a city flight tour…

  48. that’s it I’m sold

  49. This is dangerously close to being really polemic

  50. This is dangerously close to being really polemic

  51. I really wanted that game, but I am afraid to even look at how much GB and other specific qualifications my PC would need to play it, bet you’ll need a NASA quality computer to play it. It’s in my dream wish list tho.

  52. セーフティースクイズ

    Where can I find “New York scenery site”?

  53. Daniel Paško

    hello I have question. How it is possible that I have totally terrible scenery of NY? (manhattan) everyone in the videos has beautiful scenery including building of new world trade center. Can someone help me? I have basic flight simulator bought on steam


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